People You Need to be Following

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Illustrated by Maia Grecco.

Social media is fantastic in lots of ways, but one of the biggest reasons we’re all over Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr etc is that it allows us to cultivate a community for ourselves that is entirely suited to our wants and needs. We understand the importance of having inspiring people and unproblematic jokers present in our online endeavours, so we listed a few that we think you should follow (don’t worry, we’ll do this a lot):


bae.doe1.PNG@bae.doe: Mina is a teen girl from NYC who tackles body-shaming through her gorgeous unabashed belly pics and well thought-out captions. She and fellow awesome body-positive Instagram user Dounia were recently interviewed by Dazed and have been popping up all over the internet lately. It means a lot to me to see self-assured and intelligent brown women killing it out there.



@darkmatterpoetry: Darkmatter is the powerful, beautiful team that is Alok Vaid-Menon and Janani Balasubramanian. They are trans South-Asian poets and activists who regularly post eloquent breakdowns about oppressive systems (and photos of the most amazing outfits) on Facebook and Instagram. Of course, they also do great spoken word.


yongmi.jpg@yongmidrawing: A Korean artist who posts beautifully unique portraits. The style, often in pencil, is consistent and simple but always remarkably fascinating and subtle. This account always adds a little moment of inspiration and contentment to my day, so you should check it out.


@thinkpiecebot: If you don’t mind very active accounts then I recommend you go and read every tweet by Thinkpiece Bot. It’s a hilariously clever bot by digital artist @NoraReed. This twitter account is a brilliant piece of satire that mocks the onslaught of “thinkpieces” that bombards our newsfeeds. It is both delightful and occasionally unsettling . You should go follow the account right now as well as help support maintenance of this piece of art by donating to her “tip jar”.