Lucky Penny Playlist #1: Interludes

Even if they aren’t technically songs, interludes end up being my favourite songs on albums. I love how atmospheric they are. They create feelings, and set moods; they fill my lungs and twist my heart. Artists experiment with interludes and have fun with their sounds, and I always end up wishing those little minute long bits were full songs or albums. They’re short and sometimes have no lyrics, but I’ve always loved interludes and the parts they play in connecting my favourite songs to each other. There’s probably a metaphor for life somewhere in there. This is a collection of some seriously excellent interludes (psst: also check out Lucky Penny Mag’s poetry mixtapes!)

If the embedded playlist does not work on whatever browser or device you’re using to look at this post, here is a link, and this is the track list:

Guitar Interlude – Alt-J
Lisbon, OH – Bon Iver
Intro – Sigur Ros
Piano Interlude – Alt-J
Redford – Sufjan Stevens
Creations Part One – Haitus Kaiyote
/ – Chet Faker
Baby Beats – Jai Paul
Doppler – Loose Ends
Buried Alive Interlude (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – Drake
Dial Up – Childish Gambino
Wednesday Night Interlude (feat. PND) – Drake
All of the Lights Interlude – Kanye West

Compiled by Shailee Koranne.