A Definitive Guide to the Best Ice Cream Sandwiches

By Katie Parker.

I take my frozen treats very seriously.  I consider myself a kind of connoisseur, and have tested countless flavours and varieties to bring you my definitive ranking of the best ice cream sandwiches.



Blue Bunny

blue bunny

The Blue Bunny ice cream sandwich does not mess around.  This one has the perfect ratio of ice cream to cookie, and both are the perfect consistency.  The cookies are just soft enough to leave enough residue on your fingertips for a final satisfying lick, but not so soft that they break at the first touch. The ice cream tastes like actual cream, and the cookies are not overwhelmingly rich or chocolatey.  These ice cream sandwiches get everything right, and that’s why they’re the best of the best.



Tofutti Cuties Sandwiches

tofuttiThese sandwiches are absolutely delicious whether or not you’re a vegan.  They come in a variety of flavours, and their Cookies and Cream and Key Lime varieties are standouts.  Though these sandwiches are dairy-free, their consistency is very similar to ice cream, so they don’t melt too quickly!  They’re a good size for a small taste of something sweet, but, tempting as it may be, a little pricey to polish off a whole box at once.  



President’s Choice The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

decadent pcThe cookie is half the experience of eating an ice cream sandwich, so it’s vitally important that confectioners get it right.  The PC The Decadent cookies are phenomenal on their own, and they make an excellent addition to ice cream sandwiches.  The cookies retain their crunch, but the ice cream centre catches the crumbs that might otherwise end up on your shirt/chair/couch/etc.  The ice cream in these cookies isn’t as good as the ice cream in, say, the Blue Bunny sandwiches, but by no means is it bad; these sandwiches are all about the cookies anyway.  They also have a peanut butter variety, which I have not tried, but can imagine they’re are delicious, too.



President’s Choice “Eat the Middle First” Mint

middle first pcPresident’s Choice kills the frozen dessert game.  This house-brand option is your best bet for an extra-cool frozen treat.  The mint ice cream is creamy and delicious, and the cookies are basically two giant softened Oreos.  There’s not too much to say about these ones except that they’re minty, a decent size, and, bonus, often on sale. Give them a try?



Oreo Birthday Cake Sandwiches

oreoI’m a big fan of these sandwiches.  The cookies are more or less what you’d expect from Oreo (ie they are literally big Oreos), but the ice cream is the best part of these ones!  Since they’re birthday cake flavoured, they’re studded with little colourful sprinkles, which is so fun.  They’re pretty sweet, so you only really need to eat one of these per sitting.  



Literally any house brand box of like 12 sandwiches

classicYou truly cannot go wrong buying a jumbo box of a grocery store’s house-brand ice cream sandwiches.  As far as I, an ice cream sandwich connoisseur, can tell, they all taste mostly the same.  They tend to be smaller, which is fine because the ice cream tends to melt quickly, and the cookies leave chunks of soft chocolatey goodness on the tips of all your fingers.  None of them are ever especially good, but they’re always so satisfying nonetheless.  They tend to taste a little artificial, but as Tame Impala says, so what if you think it’s fake, maybe fake’s what I like.  Tried and true, these jumbo boxes never disappoint.