Lucky Penny Mag is made up of artists, writers, and believers who are focused on affecting reflection, formation, and transformation through an accessible, creative space. We care deeply about people, thoughts, and feelings, and focus on brave and diligent cultivation of the self.

This project is the result of needing a space that motivates us to keep up with our art on our own terms, wanting to share the wonderful work that our friends make (that means you!), and to inspire other people to challenge themselves creatively.

Everyone who works on Lucky Penny Mag is volunteering their time and skills because this is something they are passionate about.

Learning, un-learning, and resistance have always gone hand-in-hand with imaginative art and literature, so if you are a young creative who has something to say, this is the place for you. Make change with Lucky Penny!

Click here to view our staff page. General inquiries can go to luckypennymag@gmail.com.